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Why Techelium

If you are looking to fast track career then you are in the right place. TecHelium’s
L2 / L3 Protocol Testing course – “pupil 2 pro” is the ideal course for you to build the necessary skills and open the doors to your dream job.

  • We are Specialist in L2 / L3 protocol testing courses
  • One the Best accomplished Trainer with over 20 years of experience
  • Industry standard training
  • Highly dedicated and focused training for true lab based learning
  • Reasonable fees

TecHelium courses are highly effective knowledge delivery model that will allow any body to get an accelerated industry skill and domain knowledge that the IT companies would love to see in their candidates. If you are a fresh graduate, unemployed graduate or an experienced Tester, a qualified CCNA/ CCNP, a telecom professional, a hardware engineer looking to upgrade your skill, then this is the ideal course for you.

  • Be Project Ready in weeks
  • A domain expertise that will make a job search you
  • A project experience that is industry relevant
  • Transition smoothly to a new domain
  • Enhance your resume with a project that will merit company’s attention
  • A skill that will make you employment ready from day one
  • Build a Career in an exciting domain that is in demand
  • A training that will differentiate you from the crowd
  • Typically, professionals with these skills command higher paying jobs

Training – that will change you to a through bred professional

TecHelium fully understands the issues and has built a truly transformational learning process that will address the gap between the industry demands and available talent pool. TecHelium has designed and developed a training mythology that has “distilled” industry specific knowledge delivered in a unique setting to ensure that anybody who is willing to learn can be transformed a professional in a short span to of time. Our R & D training lab is very well equipped with all the essential tools and resources to provide real world exposure with a 360 degree, immersed learning.The powerful and fun training will be centered around step by step learning that will constantly challenge the student thus making learning enjoyable and satisfying.

Lab Facilities

The cutting edge R&D lab is well equipped with routers and Switches from industry leading companies like Cisco. The automated Network lab is designed in a way that will allow for immersed, in-depth, learning of Layer2 and Layer 3 protocol implementations. The lab allows for dynamic set up of individual test beds for hands and expose the students to in-depth, hardcore L2/L3 Protocol architecture and various flavors of implementation. The lab course is designed to make sure that each student gets enough exposure in the lab to make the learning more practical.

Subject Matter Expert Trainers

The trainings has been designed and developed by industry experts with decades of experience. What this means is that you will be guided by Professionals who have vast experience and knowledge. You will not only learn about the subject, you will also be able to gain practical insights that are hard to get otherwise.

Accelerated learning

The course is designed in a way to transfer skills, knowledge, expertise and experience for a truly 360 degree learning. The knowledge and learning’s of the experts has been distilled and condensed to ensure that you not only gain the skill, you will also learn a lot from all of their experiences.

Accelerated expertise building

As a student, one of the prime objectives is to achieve a level of expertise that you can deploy the skill for a productive and fulfilling career. In real world, the practical experience and expertise is what counts and that is exactly how our course is designed. The hands on approach is designed to make the learning intense and by experimenting with ample to scope to learn from mistakes. This will not only make learning interesting, it will also last you a life time.

As good as on the job learning

The hands on training provides an experience that is closest to on the job experience. The entire course will provide every day challenges that one would typically face in a job environment. Hence the training and the experience gained while completing the course will be as good as on the job training and this is the most valuable experience that companies will look for in a new hire.

Reduced time to competence

By bringing in real time hands on learning, your ability to understand and appreciate the finer nuances will be immense. This will not only give you knowledge and domain skills, it will also instill lot of self-confidence from the fact the you are truly equipped with industry relevant skills.


The student progress is evaluated periodically and based on the evaluation we will have specific tailor made assignments to students to ensure that you are up to speed in the course. This is helpful in not only providing you an evaluation based feedback, but also to ensure that no one is left behind.

Industry Relevant Project

The whole course lays emphasis on lab based training while ensuring that you also learn the essentials from a theoretical perspective. The lab based training will expose you to real time scenarios all through the course and all of the best practices followed in the industry.